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    Wu-Tang is for the children!

    Best gif ever

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    Nike Air Max 1 ‘Urawa Dragon’ (by Manolo Blahnik‎)

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  3. putain entre celui là et celui d’ avant il me mets de mieux en mieux Fliptrix

  4. TMNT Tribute by ClogTwo

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    The legend of Yokai has risen! Check out 15 original art pieces by Jesse Philips and other master artists here: http://www.LegendOfTheYokai.com/

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    More Ninja Turtles ! Art Show Iam8bit LA… My selection here 



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    TMNT again ! This time by the great Rich pellegrino. More here.  



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    Awesome villains portraits, 80’s style, by Rocky Davies ! Check the whole series here.


    Pwah la série parfaite… Avec les phrases parfaites

  11. #ART

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  12. #ART

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    Kill Her Mommy, Kill Her! (Friday the 13th Nesting Dolls) by William Butler

    5.5” Max height - 1.25” min height, acrylic on Wood

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  14. Mouahaha

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  15. Trop daaaar

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